Nejc Palir: “Disrupting through innovation: A people centric journey for a better tomorrow.”

In 50th episode, we had the pleasure to hear from Nejc Palir, CXO at Tretton37. He explained how to build an innovative, talent-driven culture.

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03:40 What were you like in college

07:55 Who is Tretton37 and what does Chief Experience Office do

19:55 What does culture mean for you

27:30 What attributes do you look for, when your building a team

38:25 New technologies and the way they are changing our lives

50:05 How did you bridge the gap and joining two cultures: Sweden and Slovenia

57:20 Do you think, you living abroad gave you a more broader and open mindset

01:05:18 The new hybrid workplace

01:13:41 Creativity needs physical presence of co-workers

01:16:45 The “aha” moment

01:21:15 Best book, Best App, Hobbies

01:24:20 Your final advice, lessons learned

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Favourite book:

  • Thanks for the feedback, -Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, Link.

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"Always put people first, equip yourself with empathy, leave your fears behind and strive to build a better-than-yourself generation of role models."

Nejc Palir

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Nejc Palir is an entrepreneur whose journey started at a very young age and has so far been coloured with many international achievements. He is on a mission of influencing positive change, challenging the status quo, empowering the underdogs and improving communities; one person at a time. Nothing brings Nejc greater joy than to build what can't be built, grow those who weren't given the opportunity and challenge himself by stepping into the uncomfortable and untested unknown. Recently, Nejc has embarked on a journey of challenging the local mindsets in Slovenia, creating new norms in terms of leadership and building an incredible software company with a rich culture in the heart of Ljubljana, tretton37. Nejc is a Chief Experience Officer at tretton37, producer of all things digital, visionary & entrepreneur.

Favourite quote:  "You can either step forward into growth, or step backward into safety."

Favourite book:  Thanks for the feedback, -Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen

Favourite show:  Breaking Bad, -Vince Gilligan

Hobbies:  Gym goer, Occasional cook, Digital artist

Favourite food:  Surf & turf with mash

Favourite entrepreneur:  Melinda & BIll Gates

Favourite app:  Zappier

Lesson for the audience:  Always put people first, equip yourself with empathy, leave your fears behind and strive to build a better-than-yourself generation of role models. Be their platform for success. It will amaze you what magic can happen when you allow people to thrive, when you allow students to outgrow their teachers and themselves.


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Mark Kalin je izkušen manager, podjetnik, innovator, mentor, predavatelj in strokovnjak za vzpostavljanje inovativnih ekosistemov in transformacij kultur ter strokovnjak za vzpostavitev visoko zmogljivih virtualnih timov, z zelo bogato izobrazbo in poslovnimi izkušnjami.

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