6 Science-Backed Ways to Improve Your Well-Being at Work
In the 57th episode, we look at the importance of well-being at work.

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Employee well-being is an organizational issue, not just an individual one. Many factors impact and influence it, including your workload and flexibility, your manager, and the culture within your team. When it comes to improving your well-being at work, small habits make a big difference, especially, if you practice them consistently. Here are six to prioritize in your daily work-life.


  • Check in with yourself. Ask yourself: How am I doing today? How am I feeling? Don’t judge your answers or immediately try to “fix” anything. Just become aware.


  • Take a few short, quality breaks. The key word here is “quality.” This means doing something that helps you disconnect from work, refuel, and recharge (i.e., not scrolling social media, reading the news, or knocking out an item on your to-do list).


  • Practice acceptance of stressful circumstances, and focus on what you can control. This involves two steps: First, acknowledge the situation with clarity, focusing on the facts. Second, identify one action you could take to move forward with more comfort.


  • Make micro-connections with colleagues. Make it a point to greet your colleagues with genuine enthusiasm when you’re on a call or when you see them for the first time during the day. Be intentional about reaching out to a colleague to just check in, without focusing your conversation on work.


  • Be grateful. A daily gratitude practice can be as simple as writing down three things you appreciate every morning or in the evening. By practicing gratitude, you ask your brain to broaden its perspective and focus its attention on things that are positive, meaningful, or comforting.


  • Recharge after work. It’s important to spend time doing things you love in your personal life. Invest in a hobby; for example, dedicating time to reading or gardening, or trying a new creative activity. The key is to do something that fuels your energy and nurtures your non-work self.


Do you practice well-being at work?

Do you often feel stressed and anxious?


Kogan, N. (2023, July). 6 Science-Backed Ways to Improve Your Well-Being at Work. Harvard Business Review.

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