7 Ways to Make Employees Feel Respected
In the 56th episode, we look at the importance of respecting your employees.

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Treating everyone with respect is the foundation of good leadership. Employees who feel disrespected are more likely to also feel excluded or even inferior. The authors offer seven behaviors, based on their analysis of data collected from more than 4,500 employees, that lead to a demonstration and feeling of respect. These include valuing diversity, staying in touch with individuals’ issues and concerns, building trusted, resolving conflicts, balancing results with a concern for others, encouraging open discussion, and giving honest feedback. But what does respectful leadership actually look like in practice? Here are some behaviors to prioritize.


  • Build trust. This requires three factors: developing positive relationships, sharing knowledge and expertise, and being consistent in how you treat people.


  • Value diversity. Hire team members from diverse backgrounds, check your unconscious biases, encourage perspectives that challenge the status quo, and, of course, treat everyone equally.


  • Stay attuned to your employees’ emotions. You can’t be aware of everything your team members are going through in their personal and professional lives. But you can—and should—convey that you’re there for them should they want to discuss sensitive issues or concerns.


  • Balance compassion and accountability. Establish a culture that supports work-life balance and make it clear that productivity shouldn’t come at the cost of your employees’ well-being.


  • Resolve conflicts. Don’t take a hands-off approach when tensions arise on your team. A respectful leader willingly engages in conflict resolution.


  • Give constructive feedback. Be direct and honest about your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Ignoring or minimizing either is ultimately unkind, counterproductive, and disrespectful.


  • Encourage open discussion. The simple act of asking another person for their opinion is a powerful way to communicate respect. You can further enhance respect by actively listening to opinions that are contrary to yours. This conveys, “I’m open to a different way of thinking and I want to understand more” and “I hold you in high regard even though we may have differing views.”


Great leaders are well respected, but more importantly, they take deliberate, thoughtful steps to show respect for their employees.


Do you consider yourself to be a great leader?

Do you practice these 7 ways to make employees feel respected?


Zenger, J. & Folkman, J. (2023, June). 7 Ways to Make Employees Feel Respected, According to Research. Harvard Business Review.

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