How Great Leaders Communicate
In the 50th episode, we look at the importance of communication and over communicating.

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In the age of knowledge, ideas are the foundation of success in almost every field. You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t persuade anyone else to follow your vision, your influence and impact will be greatly diminished. That is why, transformational leaders are exceptional communicators. In this article, the author outlines four communication strategies to help motivate and inspire your team:


  • Use simple language to write about complex things. Long, complicated sentences make written ideas hard to understand because they demand more concentration. You’ll win more supporters if you replace long words and sentences with shorter, more straightforward ones.


  • Choose sticky metaphors. When you introduce a new or abstract idea, your audience will search for something they recognize to help them make sense of it. A metaphor is a powerful tool that compares or equates a new, abstract idea to a familiar image or concept.
  • Humanize data. Slide decks with statistics and charts are helpful, but limited. The trick to making any data point interesting is to humanize it by placing the number in perspective. Any time you introduce numbers, take the extra step to make them engaging, memorable, and, ultimately, persuasive.


  • Emphasize your mission. Shine a spotlight on your company’s purpose across communication channels: meetings, memos, emails, presentations, social media, and marketing material. If your mission stands for something, then stand up for it.


Transformational leaders overcommunicate. They repeat the mission so often, it becomes a mantra. A mantra is a statement or slogan that builds in strength as it’s repeated. Overcommunication fuels its impact. Your mission should take center stage. Shine a spotlight on your company’s purpose across communication channels: memos, emails, presentations, social media, and marketing material.


Do you overcommunicate?

Have you ever focused on communication?


Gallo, C. (2022, November). How Great Leaders Communicate. Harvard Business Review.

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