How to Attract Top Tech Talent
In the 38th episode we talked about the importance of attracting top talent.

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It’s tough to hire good talent right now and that’s especially true, when it comes to employees with technical skills, who are in particularly high demand. Demand for these workers by non-tech companies has increased even as tech giants like Facebook and Amazon seek to hire thousands of them. To fill these roles at a time when highly-skilled people have many opportunities, seek to broaden the funnel of potential candidates by thinking harder about what skills are truly essential.


Try these three approaches to identify and attract top tech talent:

  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion. Take a broad view of the talent pool. Don’t just stick with the typical sources of recruits. Objectively testing for capabilities and skills, rather than relying on past experience, credentials, and connections will open up more opportunities for underrepresented candidates and widen your company’s talent funnel.


  • Transparent and accountable senior management. At high-performing tech companies, managers are usually visible and willing to engage directly with employees. Highlight access to senior leaders. The best talent wants to work in places where they can have real impact and their voices are heard. Make clear that senior managers are visible and willing to engage directly with employees.


  • Culture of coaching and development. Foster a culture of coaching and development. High-quality tech employees will expect opportunities to continually improve their skills, and a focus on development will allow you to bring in candidates who have the right capabilities, but not necessarily the experience. Garnering a reputation for investing in your people will bring in a high-caliber, diverse workforce.


Earning a reputation for excellence across all these areas won’t happen overnight. But the payoff is a high-caliber, diverse workforce hungry to help the company succeed in the new tech-enabled economy.


How do you attract top talent?

What is that special thing that puts you apart from the competition?




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