How to Get Better at Asking for Help at Work
In the 51st episode, we look at the importance of asking for help.

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Most people have a never-ending mountain of work to get through and would likely feel immense relief if their workload were in some way lessened. Reluctance to ask for help when we need it can keep us bogged down in more work than is necessary and ultimately lead to burnout. Whether you’re afraid of seeming needy or incompetent, or you just don’t trust others to help you, here are some strategies to help you reach out for assistance when you really need it.


How to shift your thinking about asking for help:


  • Identify and unpack your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself: What am I afraid will happen if I ask for help? These fears are likely emotional, not rational. Reflect on what’s underlying them.


  • Try small experiments. Make small behavior changes to see the impact on how you feel and the response you get from others. It can be as simple as asking, “Can I brainstorm with you for five minutes?” or “Would you be willing to take a look at my client proposal and share your feedback with me?”


  • Be open. Let trusted colleagues know that you’re working on getting better at asking for help. Being up front will make it easier for you to actually do it when the time comes. It will also prime them to be more receptive to these requests, reinforcing your help-seeking behavior and reducing your reluctance to reach out for support.


Overcoming your reluctance to asking for help requires ongoing practice, reflection, and integration of new mindsets. By unlearning old, unproductive patterns that prevent you from reaching out for assistance when you really need it and relearning new ways of operating, you will feel more supported and less overwhelmed at work.


Do you ask for help when needed?

Have you ever focused on helping your coworkers, friends, and family?


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