How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement?
In the 31st episode, we discuss the importance of negotiating a remote work arrangement.

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If you’re not interested in returning to in-person work but your boss expects you to come back, or if you’re interviewing for a new job and want to work remotely, how can you negotiate your desired arrangement? How exactly should you ask for a work-from-anywhere arrangement when negotiating a job offer, or when you’ve been working virtually and don’t want to return in person to the office?


Here are five steps:

1) Demonstrate how it will benefit your employer.

2) Show the impact you can make.

3) Be prepared to take a pay cut if you’re relocating.

4) Use data to prove you can be successful working remotely.

5) Don’t expect a one-and-done conversation.


Here are also some tactics:

  • Make clear that you can be successful by sharing the accomplishments you’ve already achieved in a remote work environment.
  • Articulate how your plan would be a win-win. For example, if you feel you’re more productive and effective outside of the office, make a compelling case for how that benefits the whole company.
  • Ask if there’s any other data or information you could provide to help your case.
  • Be prepared to take a pay cut if you’re relocating to an area where the cost of living is significantly lower. Weigh this potential income loss against your improved quality of life.
  • Know that you may not get an answer in your first conversation. Your manager may need some time to review your request with the higher-ups.


Whether you get the green light for permanent work-from-home or you and your boss agree to a trial period, get the exact agreement in writing. This way, everyone is clear that the arrangement can go forward, no matter who the manager is. And remember: While some flexibility is important while you negotiate, that flexibility should go both ways.


Do you like working remotely?

Is your culture embracing of the hybrid workplace?


Peppercorn, S. (2021, July). How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement. Harvard Business Review.

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