How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You
In the 37th episode we focus on the importance of setting up a hybrid work schedule.

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Many organizations are beginning to transition back to the office, offering employees the flexibility to balance both in-person and remote work options. But with such flexibility can come confusion. How do you know what in-office days to request? Should it be Monday or the end of the week Friday?

We all know that hybrid work is going to have upsides and downsides. If you’re about to transition into such an arrangement. you want to set a schedule that makes sense for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • When does my team need me? To maximize your team productivity, you’ll also want to identify what kind of interactions (in person or virtual) will be most effective. If some of your colleagues better comprehend what you are saying and can retain and respond to the information more appropriately when you’re in person, try to plan some in-office days to align with when those individuals will also be present.
  • When do I feel the least motivated? You might use the in-office time to reinvigorate yourself when you’re feeling lower-energy. In the same way that going to the gym makes it easier to work out, going into the office can make it easier to get work done when you're just not feeling it.
  • Which meetings do I prefer to have in person? If you have project meetings that require problem-solving or decision-making, you may prefer to do those in the office. Schedule your in-office days for when those meetings are held.
  • How can I maximize my energy? If you’re an introvert, it may be tough to do two days in a row in the office so spread your days out (Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday, for example). On the other hand, if you are looking forward to more socializing, consider going into the office multiple days in a row (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday).


With more and more organizations making the shift back into the office, you’re likely facing the possibility of a schedule that bridges in-person and remote work.


How do you plan your workweek?

When do you arrange meetings with your co-workers in person?


Grace Saunders E. (2021, October). How to Set a Hybrid Work Schedule That Works for You. Harvard Business Review.

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