The Art of Asking Great Questions
In the 48th episode, we look at the importance of asking great questions.

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While listening is an essential skill for anyone in the workplace, the art of asking questions is equally, if not more, important. Smartly framed inquiries will help you clarify your work tasks, deliver better results, and mitigate unforeseen risks. In addition, by asking we learn more about hidden opportunities, get to know people and connect on a deeper level. Here are three key characteristics of great questions and how to put them into practice.

  • They demonstrate that you’re thoroughly prepared for a conversation.Whatever you are asking about, be sure to convey to your client, colleague, or manager that you’ve done your homework.


  • They illustrate the expertise you bring to the table — without showing it off.You can casually reference past work or skills related to the question you plan to pose. You might say, “From my past experience doing A, B, and C, I have learned X, Y, and Z…now it makes me wonder [insert question].”


  • They invite others to challenge their existing beliefs.If your question simply reinforces what your conversation partner already knows or thinks, it's not worth their time. Instead, ask questions that introduce potentially new solutions and ideas and help uncover new opportunities for you and your clients or colleagues.


Many of us find ourselves worrying more about saying the right thing in a conversation, as opposed to asking the right question. Personal development and growth begin when you demonstrate curiosity by asking questions. Asking great questions can propel your career to remarkable height and the best way to learn this, is to practice.


Do you practice asking the right questions?

Have you ever just listened?


Besieux, T. (2022, May). The Art of Asking Great Questions. Harvard Business Review.

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