What Stops People on Your Team from Leaving?
In the 45th episode we look at the importance of setting up “stay” interviews for your most trusted employees.

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If you’re serious about retaining the people on your team (as you should be), consider conducting “stay” interviews. These are discussions where you ask loyal employees key questions to understand how engaged they are. These discussions involve asking key questions to your loyal employees that tackle common retention issues. The information you gather can help you tackle common retention issues. Here are four questions to try:


  • What’s your frame of mind today? No matter what the response is — positive or negative — don’t negate their experience or move too quickly to solving a problem. Just listen, thank them for being honest, and ask for more information before moving toward a solution.


  • Who do you feel connected to at work? Based on their response, explore what you can do to help them deepen those connections. Perhaps people from different departments can work on a company-wide event, a cross-division initiative, or take part in virtual discussion groups.


  • What do you want to learn that will excite you and help you grow? This question signals that you care about their development and want to help them achieve their aspirations.


  • What barriers can I remove for you to help you do your job better? Then brainstorm with your colleague how you can be most helpful. Ensuring people can do their jobs well is just as important as praise and rewards.


How do you retain your employees?

Do you practice stay interviews?


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